Table of contents: - I can’t see or hear anything - People can’t hear or see me - I’m hearing reverberations / echoes in my meeting

I can’t see or hear anything

  1. Make sure you are using Chrome version 28+ or Firefox 22+ on your Windows / Mac / Linux or Android. GoBrunch currently isn't supported on iPhones yet.
  2. Refresh your browser page - that reestablishes the connection and solves 90% of the problems.
  3. Nothing is working so far? Try restarting your browser.
  4. If you can see but can’t hear, make sure your speakers are on. Test watching any YouTube video.
  5. There are instances and rare cases, where you are inside a company with strict firewall rules, you might have your video/audio protocols disabled. In this case, you can ask your IT department to open access for outgoing traffic via TCP or UDP port 443 on hosts on the domain
  6. If none of these worked, try changing the device. If you’re on your pc, switch to your mobile or vice-versa.
  7. If still you are not able to see or hear, please contact us at and we will try our best to find out what’s wrong.

People can’t hear or see me

  1. Can you see and hear the other people? If not, please start here on I can’t see or hear anything.
  2. Refresh your browser.
  3. Have you received any popup notification right after loading the page? Common problems are: In both cases, you must allow the camera and mic on your browser. Here is where and how: If you’re using a PC:
    Is your laptop from your company? In case you're getting continuous messages that the mic is being blocked and you already enabled it, it's possible that you don't have privileges to turn it on. In this case you will have to get in touch with your IT department.

    If you’re on Android:
    Tap on the menu button > Settings.
    Go to the Advanced section > Site settings

    Toggle Camera or microphone switch to On

    Now if you got the message above, means that your camera could not be detected, so check if the cable is properly connected (if it’s an external camera) or if there’s any physical damage on your mobile.

  4. People can see you but not hear you? Do you have 2 mics (internal and external)? Make sure the desirable mic is set as default on your pc. This article might be helpful in this case -

  5. People can hear you but can’t see you? Have you tried refreshing? If so, try restarting your browser.

  6. People still can’t hear or see you? If you have Skype for Business installed, close it and try again.

  7. Are you the creator of the Event? Make sure you clicked on the Broadcast icon. This is not applicable for Quick Meetings.

  8. If the problem persists, please contact us at and we will try to help you as fast as we can.

I’m hearing reverberations and echoes in my meeting.

Usually this happens because you and some other person on the Meeting / Webinar are not using headsets, so the audio reverberates on both speakers. There are 2 options to fix this:

  1. Either you or the other person should plug a headset or an external microphone.

  2. While the other person speaks, you mute your mic and vice-versa.