Signing Up

Table of Contents:

General Signing Up to Explore GoBrunch

With Gobrunch, live webinars and virtual meetings have never been easier to use for learning and also interacting with others while at it. The website is beautiful designed, easy, intuitive and free for all users. Let’s quickly take a tour.

Here is a step by step dummies guide on how to sign up for Gobrunch.

Enter the link in your browser. It works perfectly on both mobile and PC. After the homepage has loaded successfully, on the top right-hand corner of the screen, you’ll see the language drop down where you can select the language of your choice.

On the right-hand side is the Sign In Button. If it’s your first time on the site and you haven’t registered, you don’t need that just yet.

By the side of the Sign In button is the hamburger menu (the three dash lines at the top left-hand corner of the screen). Upon clicking, it shows Live Tutorial, About, Contact, Blog, Sign In and Sign Up links. It is an easy way to navigate to any of these pages when surfing through GoBrunch. • You can click on the Sign Up link from this menu or simply close it and go back to the homepage.

• On the bottom left-hand corner of the homepage, you’ll see a SIGN UP FOR FREE button. Click on it, a pop-up will appear showing you which option you’d like to sign up with.

• You can sign up with either your Email, Gmail, Facebook or LinkedIn, select whichever one is convenient for you.

• If you choose to sign up with your email, enter your email address and your password.

• Next, select an Avatar (picture) you’d like to use, preferably, you can upload yours. Then click on the This is me button.

• A successful sign up would take you to the Lobby where you can Start a Quick Meeting or Create an Event or Classroom.

• You will also receive an email notification welcoming you to Gobrunch. This basically tells you that your sign up was successful. If you scroll down, you would see various events that might be of interest to you which you can join. To get more info about any particular event, simply click on it and its details would appear.

Signing Up as a Guest for a Video-Conference

If it’s your first time on GoBrunch and you were invited by your friend to join a video-conference, click the link you recieved or paste the URL on your browser and hit enter. After signing up, you will land directly on his/her meeting.

Signing Up to an Event or Webinar as an Attendee

You’ve heard about this wonderful event you want to participate on Gobrunch, luckily, you’ve been invited. So how do you join the event? Here’s how to go about it:

From your inbox, click on the link to the room.

You are going to see a page with the event description. Click on the Join button

The easiest way is to login using your Gmail account (clicking on the G icon), Facebook or LinkedIn. You will only need to choose an image to represent yourself. By clicking on the camera icon, you can upload your own picture. If you choose to Sign Up entering your e-mail instead of clicking on the Gmail, Facebook or LinkedIn buttons, type your email, click Ok, and follow the instructions on the website, typing your name, a password and choosing an image.

Done! Now you have to wait for your event. A confirmation e-mail has been sent to you.

If your event is about to begin, click on Enter Now.

Type your title and company name and click Ok. You’ll see the image of the place where the event is virtually happening. Click on the arrow.

You will see now the Lounge of the event. If you click on the circles you can move around. You can interact with other people by chat.

Most of the times, the event happens inside an auditorium or a meeting room, so stay aware of the arrows located at the corners of the screen. Clicking on the arrows will take you inside the auditoriums. If you’re using a mobile device, tap twice.

After the presenter turns on his camera or share his screen, you will be able to resize the windows by clicking and dragging the edges.

Enjoy your event!