Using Quick Meeting Conferencing

Table of Contents: - Starting your meeting - Sharing the room link with other people - Customizing your room name - Camera and Mic - Chat - Sharing your screen and showing PowerPoint presentations - Mute - Sharing files - Inviting who’s online

Starting your meeting

At GoBrunch, you have unlimited time and mics to use during a Quick Meeting. There is also no limit when using simultaneous cameras, but the maximum recommended is 12.

To start a meeting click on the Start a Quick Meeting button from the Lobby.

Select the Room Layout you want for the meeting. This layout determines the amount of people you want to accommodate.

Note that there’s a slider at the bottom which gives you more options.

To take a seat on the table, click on any empty circle. Once you’ve done that, a new set of options appear on the left-hand side of the screen. At any point in time, you can also change your seat to any other available circles.

Inviting people for your meeting is very easy. You can either choose to copy the URL from the browser or from the Step 2 instructional box as shown in the image below.

Once you've copied it, just share with your guests by text or e-mail.

Customizing your room name

You can customize the name of the room and save it for future meetings. This link can then be sent to people either by email or text.

Note: This link will be yours forever. That means, if you upload files or presentations, you will find them anytime you come back.

Camera and Mic

As soon as you seat, the camera and mic will turn on. Yellow camera and mic icon mean they’re switched on.

Usually at this point you are already seeing yourself and people will be able to see you. If you’re not, check our Troubleshooting section.


A chat box also appears on the bottom of the meeting. It shows the activity and happenings. You can also send text which everyone can see here.

Sharing your screen and showing PowerPoint presentations

A cool feature of GoBrunch is screen sharing with other participants. You can upload PowerPoint or PDF files which you can share with others. To do this

Click the Screen icon > Upload a PowerPoint or PDF Presentation. Next, locate the PowerPoint file or PDF you would like to upload to the meeting. You can upload more than one file and store permanently in your room.

You can move, resize the PDF/PPT screen in the meeting room to whatever size you deem fit.

You can also change pages/slides of your pdf or PowerPoint files by clicking on the arrows beneath the display screen.

Note: you can’t open more than one screen at the same time, you have to close the previous one, just like when you’re using a projector in a real world meeting.

Another cool feature of Gobrunch is that you can share your PC screen with others. To do this:

Click on Screen > Share Your Screen, this would download an extension for your browser which would enable the sharing. Download and install.

Once installed, you can decide to share your entire screen or the application window, select the one that suits you best.


If you want a minute's silence to concentrate or read something during the meeting, simply press the mute button.

Sharing files

You can also upload files of any type by clicking on the file icon. Once you do that, we will show in the chat box beneath that you’ve uploaded a file for others to view during the meeting. Be aware that these files are public, so anyone inside the meeting can see it.

Inviting who’s online

You can invite people to join your meeting by clicking on the people icon.

Click on the dialog icon as shown in the pic below:

If the user is online and you invite, he will receive a notification and, if he accepts, he will land in your room where you can start a conversation. If he is your friend and he is offline then he will receive an email.