Creating Events, Webinars and Classrooms

Table of Contents: - Creating Your Event - Editing Your Event

Creating Your Event

Events are more detailed and contain more features than the regular Quick Meeting. With Events, you get to add a location, set when the time and date the event starts and ends. You can also add another presenter apart from yourself to be showed with you in the session’s description.

To create an event, click on the Create your Event or Classroom button from the Lobby.

Enter the name of the event, it’s description and the location you’d like the event to hold.

Select the session name and describe what the session is all about (you can copy and paste from your event’s description).

Select the language you want your event to be (from the language drop-down).

You can set your session to either be public or private. Public means we will list your webinar in our Lobby, so anyone would have access to register in it. If you are creating an event for testing purposes, make sure to switch to private, otherwise people might register, receive reminders and come online to attend.

Next, you set the time you want your session to start. Please Note that sessions must not be in the past, i.e. it should precede the date of event creation.

Select your seating arrangement and how many people you want to attend your event. Our biggest auditorium fits 409 attendees. Keep in mind that only 15% to 35% from people who register usually attend a webinar, specially if you don’t know them. If it’s a corporate internal training, then the rate might be higher.

You can also add another presenter if you want. Note that additional presenters don’t have priviledges to control the session. The only benefit is to display their name and pics on the event’s description. Also Note that you can only add a presenter if he/she is already your friend. Check how to add a friend.

Another exclusive feature GoBrunch offers is the ability to create additional Sessions (the last sliding circles). Each one creates a new door and a new room in the Lounge. This is very useful especially if you want to provide break-out-sessions to your event.

Click on Create Event when you’re done. You’ll get an email confirming your event has been successfully created with the Landing Page link, which you can use to share with yout community.

You’ll be redirected to the Lounge of the location you selected. Click on the arrow to enter into the main room.

Editing your Event

Navigate to the Lobby, scroll down, you would see a list of your created events. Click Edit on the Event you want to modify.

By clicking Update Event the event is immediately updated.

From the My Events, you can see the number of registrants per Event. If you click on it, it downloads a spreadsheet containing the details of the attendants.